Tour La Graciosa in a Taxi-Jeep

Plans to do in La Graciosa

23 - Mar - 2020

Today we are answering questions that come to us via messages we receive asking about tours around the island of La Graciosa . There are three options for touring the island: by bike, on foot or by taxi -Jeep. If you are a sporty type or you like a bit of exercise, the first two options are the best ones; and for those who would prefer to visit the main points of the island in a more comfortable, quicker way, then the touring the island in a Taxi-Jeep is the best bet. In La Graciosa there is no possibility of touring the island in a rental car, since the circulation of vehicles is limited to those of passenger transport and people living in La Graciosa, since the island is part of the Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park of the Chinijo Archipelago and one must be respectful of this.

Once the visitor arrives by boat at the esplanade of the port of Caleta de Sebo, the taxis are parked, waiting at the taxi stand, which is where the adventure begins.

Most taxis have a maximum capacity of 8 passengers, so if you are travelling with a group of friends or family you can all go in the same vehicle.

The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and visits the main points of the northern part of the island. There are four stops and at each one of them you have a short time left to enjoy your surroundings and take your amazing photographs. The places that are visited are: La Playa de las Conchas, el Arco de los Caletones, la Playa del Ambar and Pedro Barba. We have left links in each of the places so that you can get to know the places you will visit.

On this tour you will discover the north of the island of La Graciosa, but there is still time to get to know the south: la Playa de la Francesa and its famous Montaña Amarilla with its small cove, la Playa de la Cocina. Therefore, once the tour is over, if you want to visit the south, you can continue by hiring a separate service to take you to this area of the island. If you want to take advantage of this trip, it requires a visit time of about 1.5 to 2 hours. This is the time you will spend walking on the beach, having some snacks that you will have taken in your backpack because there is no beach bar or services, and then you can stroll to Montaña Amarilla, and if you want you can swim at La Playa de la Cocina. Always include the time for the taxi to pick you where it left you when planning your trips.

Taxis can not reach the beach of La Francesa itself, and park or drop you off about 200 meters from it. Once there, you can enjoy its transparent turquoise blue waters, and continue walking to Montaña Amarilla along a path that links La Francesa beach with it. The route is easy and in just 15 minutes you will reach the mythical Montana Amarilla.

The price of the Tour for up to two people is 50 euros per Taxi-Jeep. Each extra person on top of that pays 25 euros/person . Children from 5-10 years old pay half.

There are 15 authorized Jeep-taxis on the island and depending on the dates the influx of tourists to the island increases, a convenient way to book is here.