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Playa de la Cocina

It is only possible to reach Playa de La Cocina also known as Playa de La Montana Amarilla, on foot, as both bikes and 4x4 will only get you a few metres away from the beach. From Caleta de Sebo there are nearly 6km of road, an hour and a half on foot.

This beach, more of a cove, is at the foott of one of the volcanic icons on the island, Montana Amarilla. It is a small, virgin cove, about 100m long and very quiet, with clear waters, shallow in depth, in which you can bathe calmly as iti s sheltered away from the strong currents theat exist in the ‘El Rio’ zone, the strait that separates La Graciosa from Lanzarote.

Arriving from La Playa de La Francesa, you will see Montana Amarilla as a reference point all the way. As you approach it, before going down to the cove, a good idea is to first climb to the top along the side path that you will see on the foothills in order to enjoy the wonderful views from the summit.

At the foot of Montana Amarilla

Playa de La Cocina, also known as Playa de Montaña Amarilla

Playa de La Cocina or Montana Amarilla, on its own is a very attractive place because of the volcanic and rustic environment in which hit finds itself, as well as its contrasting colours, sulfuric yellow, almost metallic, on the foothills of the mountain in contrast with turquoise blue and emerald green seas.      

Being small, in Summer or at Easter, when many visitors come to the island, it is usually quite busy with lots of people on Playa de La Francesa deciding to continue on to here with it being just 15 minutes away. However, the rest of the year there are hardly any people and nudism is common.

Playa de La Cocina Map and Location

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