4×4 Taxi in La Graciosa

Why to get a 4×4 taxi in La Graciosa

When we talk about touring the island in a 4×4 taxi two of the charms are that there is no tarmac on the streets or the various roads that traverse the island and no traffic. You can only walk, cycle or take a 4×4 taxi. The last way is only possible if you take one of the authorized taxi jeeps as public transport than can traverse the various roads that run around the island.  

You only need to disembark in the port of Caleta de Sebo to find a taxi waiting for tourists who prefer this option. At times of the year of significant importance like Easter or Summer renting a 4×4 can be somewhat difficult since there aren’t many authorized licenses to carry out this activity and iti is therefore advisable to pre-book a taxi to ensure you get one.

Safety and Comfortable

How to get a 4×4 taxi

The first thing to do is take a 4×4  north island tour that runs around the island and takes an hour and a half ( north island tour) , with 4 stops : las Conchas beach, Caletón de los arcos , Lambra beach and the small town Pedro Barba . This tour will give you an idea of the island and the beauty of this natural paradise, getting to know the main corners and visiting the idyllic beaches.

The other option is to hire a taxi picking you up at an agreed time and getting you close to certain points of the island. Each taxi driver will propose a way, flexible to the time you have, to get to know La Graciosa.  All the taxis on the island have the same prices for their services.  The 4×4 north island tour costs 60 euros per tour up to 2 people, extra person 30€. If you want to move to the beaches, the prices for two people are from 10 €/person. It depends on the beach you want to go.

Where to get a 4×4 taxi in La Graciosa