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Playa de La Francesa in La Graciosa

In the direction of Montana Amarilla and across from Playa del Salado we find what is considered to be one of the best beaches due to its waters and its jable, in the south part of La Graciosa, Playa de La Francesa.

With incredible views of Lanzarote’s northern coastline and the Famara cliffs it is divided into two parts and separated by a small rocky weir. There are 435m of white sand and spectacular turquoise waters, with very little swell, that has nothing to envy of Caribbean beaches. An exceptional place to enjoy with friends, as a couple or with the family and children.

One of the curiosities of the beach is that when the tide is high the beach turns into a veritable lagoon, ideal for snorkeling, seeing multitudes of varied fish, and enjoying the clearness of its waters. Therefore we recommend you take a snorkel and goggles in your bag as well as your water, food, sunscreen and anything else you might need to spend a few hours or the entire day, as like the rest of the beaches on the island there are no services whatsoever. There are no showers or beach bars that we are used to finding on more touristy beaches.

In the South of the Island

How to get to Playa de La Francesa

There is an anchorage zone for tourist boats and at midday small private boats and sailing boats usually arrive to enjoy these wonderful waters, as well as the catamaran excursions that anchor here so that tourists can do water activities or go to the beach.

Being close to Caleta de Sebo, just 2km, about a 35- minute walk, 20 to 30 minutes by bike or 5 minutes in a taxi, it is usually quite crowded and is not as quiet as the rest of the island, as this is where most tourists come to spend the day – as well as being the anchorage point for catamarans and sailing boats.

Only from five in the afternoon, when all boats, excursions, and people who have arrived on the island to spend the day have left, is the beach with few people and the tranquility, relaxation and colours of the sunset can be enjoyed in calm waters. A truly visual spectacle.

In case it is packed renting a 4x4 is the best way to get there, if not walking is the best way along the coast and across the Bahia del Salado. Bicycle is a way of accessing but you will have to get off the bike and walk on part of the road, as there is an area where the sand accumulates and it is impossible to continue.

The beaches of the southern area of La Graciosa don not end here, if you want to continue the route from this beach a small trail at the end of it leads to Montana Amarilla, 1 km more, and you’ll arrive at its flirtatious cove, La Playa de la Cocina.

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