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Playa de las Conchas in La Graciosa

When we talk about golden sand, virgin land, turquoise waters and breathtaking views, you would think we are talking about a Caribbean beach, but we aren’t Paradise does exist and it exists in the Canary Islands, on the island of La Graciosa and it is called Playa de Las Conchas. It is the most idyllic of all the beaches on the island, without doubt. And if there is one beach you have to visit, this is it.

At the foothills of Montana Bermeja, which you can climb to the summit, with breathtaking views over the islets of Montana Clara an Alegranza; you will find a volcanic landscape, shells amidst its fine golden sand and a red flag on the beach warning of the danger of bathing and the force of its waters.

At the foot of Montaña Bermeja

Playa de las Conchas, a place of paradise

A true natural paradise, 610m of beach and 100m wide, about 45 minutes from Caleta de Sebo by bike, 2 hours on foot or 10 minutes in a 4x4, as it’s a 6km route.

You inhale the purity, freedom and relaxation. Sit back and enjoy the sound and sight of the waves breaking on the shore while you realize that the islet of Montana Clara is such an authentic visual spectacle.

The contrasting colours of the land, sea and sky leave a big impression and offer us multiple shades of turquoise blue water, the white foam waves when they break, the golden sand, the black of the rocks that flank the beach or the red colours of Montana Bermeja.

The strong tides in the immense Atlantic Ocean prevent bathing most days in these seas of the beaches in the north of the island, but it is possible to enjoy without risking your life, because a peculiarity of the beach is that during the day as the tide rises, a stretch of sand forms, creating a lagoon.

Playa de las Conchas Map and Location

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