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Playa del Ámbar in La Graciosa

Playa del Ambar is situated in the northeast of the island, near the town of Pedro Barba. Playa del Ambar, also known as Playa del Lamba, is a beach of clear waters, lines of sand mixed in between volcanic rocks and exposed to northern winds, from which the seas have strong currents and are therefore dangerous, so extreme caution has to be taken when bathing.

The landscape in this part of the island is completely different to the beaches in the south where you find Playa de La Francesa or Playa de La Cocina. Here it’s a half moon landscape with white sand dunes full of snails, nature in virgin state.

In the North of the Island

Playa del Ámbar, a quiet and idyllic beach

This is a beach not frequented a lot by tourists, although the people who come to Pedro Barba, continue the route and take advantage of it to come and see the beach and carry on further to the Arco de los Caletones.

Accessing it easily can be done by taking the route that runs from Caleta de Sebo to Pedro Barba, or from Playa de Las Conchas by a track that connects both beaches.

Because it is located at the north end of the island and away from Caleta de Sebo the best way to get there is by bike or 4x4.

Playa del Ámbar Map and Location

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