La Graciosa in Numbers


20 - Oct - 2020

La Graciosa in Numbers

The island of La Graciosa is an island that arouses a lot of curiosity from the moment you see it from the Mirador del Rio in Lanzarote; either because it is so small and you can see that it is inhabited, or because there is no asphalt, or even because it is so close to Lanzarote. Since 1986 it has formed part of the Natural Park Archipelago of Chinijo and the Northern islets, and was officially declared the eighth inhabited Canary Island on 26th June 2018. Today we want to write about those curiosities that some people wonder about when they visit or when they see it from the opposite island, and translate them into numbers.

1. The island is 27 square km and two municipalities: Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba, but its 720 registered inhabitants all live in Caleta de Sebo.
2. Lanzarote is separated from La Graciosa by 1km in the El Rio strait of sea.
3. The length of the island from north to south is approximately 8 km.
4. Its width in the east-west direction is 4 km.
5. The highest point on the island is at the summit of the Agujas Grandes, 266 metres above sea level.
6. There are 5 main volcanoes: Montaña Amarilla (172m), Montaña Bermeja (157m), Agujas Grandes (266m), Agujas Chicas (257M), Montaña del Mojón (185m)
7. There are two ferry companies: Líneas Romero and Biosfera Express connect the island to Lanzarote with a total of 19 trips per day (depending on the season) in each direction.

8. Consulting the data of the Canary Islands Ports, in 2019 there was a volume of regular line passengers disembarking in Caleta de Sebo of 221,040 , and in 2020, until the month of July, 64,957 passengers had disembarked.
9. There is a school attended daily by 57 children between the ages of 3 and 16. There is a doctor’s office, a bank, a church, a bakery, two supermarkets, a grocery shop, a hardware shop, a butcher’s, and a fish market.
10. There are 15 taxi licenses which serve tourists who come from Lanzarote and want to get to know the island by Jeep Taxi, either by doing the tour of the northern area or by taking them to the beaches . Taxis are the only authorised transport for visitors to the island. There is no renting of vehicles.
11. There are 7 bicycle shops where you can rent a bike to get around the island.
12. 7 restaurants, a pizzeria, two hamburger joints and two cafeterias for breakfast or snacks.
13. There are no hotels, only a controlled camping area and around 50 accommodations (houses) where you can spend the night on the island, so if you want to spend a few days on the island, plan ahead.