Five reasons why you must come to La Graciosa


05 - Aug - 2020


The island of peace, tranquillity and carefree living. That’s right! Its only access is by boat from the port of Órzola in Lanzarote. Once you step foot on La Graciosa you will breathe in relaxation and tranquillity from all four sides. The bicycle is your main means of transport, and you will not find asphalt all over the island, but roads to travel on by foot, by bicycle or by Jeep Taxi. If you are used asphalt, coming from a big city, your first time stepping on sandy streets, your attention will be drawn to it, and you will want to forget about the time, rushing about and all the carefreeness you might have before arriving on the island.


La Graciosa is a protected natural territory, and that makes its beaches nature itself in its pure essence. They are earthly paradises, of which there are few left, and that enjoying them makes it a real privilege in these times, Playa de Las Conchas, Playa de la Francesa, La Cocina or Lambra beach leave absolutely no one indifferent with their crystal clear waters with shades of green and turquoise blue that alternate between dunes and volcanic landscape. A very important tip: in your backpack you should not forget any essentials for spending the day on the beach, whether food, drink, umbrella, sunscreen … because you will not find any store or bar where you can have a beer or a soft drink, or have something to eat once you leave Caleta de Sebo.


La Graciosa isn’t just sun and beaches. It is the ideal place for mountain biking, trekking, running and lovers of diving. Practicing these sports surrounded by a unique landscape is a real pleasure. A flat island, small in size, and with marked paths, makes it ideal for walking, running or cycling. In fact, there is a sports event that takes place over two days on the island: the Eighth Island Challenge, a unique cross triathlon, which combines extreme sport with the natural environment of the place, attended by athletes from many parts of Spain.


And of course, we should not forget that the island belongs to the La Graciosa Marine Reserve and the islets of the north of Lanzarote, with 70,700 hectares, the largest marine reserve in Europe, where you take the plunge literally, dive and see the beauty of the island from beneath its waters. For lovers of this sport, here you will find an authentic paradise where you will be able to practice it with the diving schools that there are on the island.


Every island has something that makes it special, but La Graciosa truly does. There is no island as unique as this one. Officially declared the eighth Canary Island in June 2018. An island of barely 700 inhabitants, 27 square km, 8 km long in the north-south direction, and 4 km wide, with unparalleled natural assets of flora, fauna and sea. It is visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year, and there are no hotels, nor is there asphalt; only sandy streets and roads, which you can only travel by bicycle, walking or by Jeep taxi, as the circulation of vehicles is prohibited, except those authorised, making the eighth Canary Island unique.
Without a doubt, a stress free island, where you can enjoy its virgin beaches, the typical gastronomy of the place in the restaurants around the port, and where everyone who steps on it for the first time, is left wanting more … and promises to return….. With good reason!