Where to see the Sunset in La Graciosa

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09 - Nov - 2020

Everywhere boasts about having the best sunsets, but it is really the place, the time, and the atmosphere that is created by this play of light, plus the company, that make those hours of the day both magical and unique moments. If the island of La Graciosa is already deemed as being special, its sunsets are no less so. We could not stop talking about that unique moment, and where to enjoy it, whether  on the island or from Lanzarote.
Playa Del Salado
The fact that the last boat to return to Órzola leaves at 5.30 pm from La Graciosa at this time of year, will not prevent you from enjoying that wonderful moment if you do not spend the night on the island.

The best sunsets in La Graciosa

Mirador del Río

If you are in Lanzarote you only have to take the car to the Mirado del Rio, on the Famara cliff. A very good option that we recommend is to take advantage of the visit up to that point, visit it, and on the way out walk along the cliff ,and from the heights you can see the whole island and see how the magic hour arrives when the sun hides behind the horizon in La Graciosa . It is a very different perspective, but it is worth seeing how, little by little, the island fades and the horizon changes colour.

Montaña Amarilla

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who have decided to spend a few days in La Graciosa, the sunset can be enjoyed in a different way. There are several places on the island where you can contemplate this spectacle every afternoon, but they all have one thing in common: Montaña Amarilla and its surroundings. If you have been spending the day on Playa de La Francesa, you can wait until the last hour and you are there, walk to Montaña Amarilla and you will see how little by little the sun is disappears behind the horizon until it ends up hiding in the sea.

Caleta de Sebo

If on the day you have taken another route on the island and you are in Caleta de Sebo for example, at dusk you will only have to approach the Playa del Salado, which is a 5-10 minute walk from the town, as if you were going to go to Playa de La Francesa, and stop at any point where you see Montana Amarilla. Take your backpack, some nuts or something to nibble on, some soft drinks and just get your camera ready to immortalize and enjoy the moment. Behind this mountain is where the sun hides and leaves an impressive silhouette and range of colours on the horizon that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

Caleta de Sebo

And finally, another option is to see how, little by little, the night arrives from the same village, in the port, having a drink at one of the terraces or sitting on the jetty. The play of light and colours that is seen in the sky as night arrives every day is different, and you will see how it creates a nocturnal stamp on a small marine town.