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consejos para viajar a la graciosa

18 - Jun - 2019

La Graciosa is the smallest of the Canary Islands, and for many the big unknown: 29 square km of Natural Park Marine Reserve and 750 inhabitants living there. At the end of June, it will be a year since it was officially recognized as the eighth inhabited island of the Canarian archipelago, and ever since then it has constantly appeared in the media.

Some became aware of it then, others know it from the visits they make to Mirador del Rio when they come to Lanzarote, as the views from there are the best, and those who are already aware of it, come to take advantage with a daytrip to get to know it more.

Today we are going to give you a few tips for when you come wanting to know more about this authentic paradise.

How to get to La Graciosa?

For first-timers, for those who have never been, three basic tips; the first thing you should know for travelling to La Graciosa is that there is no airport, access to La Graciosa is bt ferry from Lanzarote, specifically from Orzola. Two; there are no hotels; there are the traditional houses from there that are rented. And three; there is no asphalt, the way to get around is by bike, on foot or in authorized taxi-jeeps.

ferry Órzola lanzarote

Uno de los ferrys que unen La Graciosa con Lanzarote

When is the best time to visit La Graciosa?

Having said this, when is the best time to come to La Graciosa? If you want to enjoy the peacefulness that characterizes it, you have to do so outside of the summer season, which is when boats come full of tourists to tour the island in a just a few hours. In summer it is difficult to rent a bike or catch a taxi-jeep, if you haven’t booked in advance, as well as problems finding a restaurant to eat in. On top of this there is also the heat, because the routes that traverse the island offer no shade, so three essential items in your backpack are water, sunscreen and a cap, as well as something to eat, because on the beaches there are no conveniences.

Many who come for the day agree on the same thing; they would all stay for a few days in order to get to know the island better in a more relaxed manner. So, if you want to spend a few days there in the summer season, you really need to book accommodation well in advance, as there are about thirty-odd houses to rent, of course you will need to book for the rest of the year as well, but not so far in advance.

In July, it also coincides with the Patron Saint holidays, ‘fiestas del Carmen’, when on the 16th of the month the island is particularly full of tourists. The rest of the year, providing it doesn’t coincide with a sporting event, such as the “El Rio” Crossing Swimming event, or the Eighth Island Triathlon Challenge (8-9 March), there are normally no complications in booking accommodation, as well as it being cheaper than in the summer.

So, in our opinion, from June to October, any month is ideal to come and enjoy the island without doubt. But if we want to avoid “cold” months on the island then forget December to January, even though the climate is still pleasant, and with a light jacket isn’t really cold at all.

caleta de sebo la graciosa

Caleta de Sebo, aquí es donde están la mayoría de los alojamientos en La Graciosa.

How many days are needed to visit La Graciosa?

How many days? A week-end can be too little if you want to tour the whole island, beacause arrival and departure days limit what you can see. So, 4 days might be enough to get to know and make the most of the beaches, giving you time to get around by bike or on foot, and discover all the nooks and crannies.

For those who don’t, a day trip can suffice, catching the first boat out and the last boat back, going to Playa de Las Conchas, by bike, or hitting the south coast, and walking to Playa de la Francesa or Montana Amarilla, or the taxi-jeep taking you to all the most important parts of the island.

Those who have visited confirm its status as a unique place, no comparison with other islands and their penchant for mass tourism, this place being a paradise you always want to return to.

consejos para viajar a la graciosa

Playa de la Francesa en La Graciosa