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papas arrugadas canarias y mojo picon

01 - Jul - 2019

If anything marks a difference between the Canary Islands and the Iberian peninsula it is the good climate that exists all year round, its culture, and of course its exquisite gastronomy.

Enjoying a good typical Canarian dish during a stay on one of the islands can become quite the experience, which for many is the great unknown before them.

Enjoy Canarian Gastronomy

Each island has its own typical dishes, especially when it comes to fish, as not all sea-life is common to all of the islands.

But, what is common, and the best known of Canarian gastronomy, is the ‘papas arrugadas’ (crinkle-cut potatoes) served with a good ‘mojo’ (sauce), which can either be green or red, the latter being a bit spicy. The Canary Island potatoes, which are known as ‘papas’ are different from those on the mainland, being tastier smaller.

papas arrugadas canarias y mojo picon

The most famous sauce in the Canary Islands: red mojo sauce and Green mojo sauce (Mojó picón)

‘Papas arrugadas’ are one of the star dishes of Canarian food.

Another typical food from the Canary Islands is the ‘golfo canario’ – flour made from corn and wheat, which has always been part of the traditional Canarian diet. It contains many vitamins and minerals, and has many positive effects on our health, recognized by the European Commission as being a protected foodstuff of origin.

‘’Golfo canario’ is very versatile in cooking, and can be found in a wide variety of dishes, from pastries, biscuits, mousses, through to ice cream, or typical Canarian dishes such as ‘sancocho’ or ‘escaldon’.

postre canario mousse de gofio

Typical dessert of the Canarian cuisine, the mousse de gofio.

‘Sancocho’ is one of the most important Canrian dishes in Lanzarote and consists of fish prepared with salt and then unsalted, made with either potatoes or sweet potatoes, and usually accompanied by ‘mojo’ and ‘golfo’.

Fish is a must in Canarian gastronomy

The islands of La Graciosa and Lanzarote share a similar gastronomy and the sea is its protagonist.

If there is one thing about La Graciosa it is the fact that you will taste fish you would never find on the fishmonger’s or on menu’s in restaurants on the mainland, such as the ‘burrito’, the ‘vieja a la espalda’, the ‘cabrilla’, or grilled ‘bocinegro’, all fish caught the same day and offered by restaurants fried or grilled. Squid and grilled octopus are other options you might find and are delicious. In the summer it might not be as appealing, but when the day is cooler, speaking of fish, ‘graciosero’ soup made with ‘mero’ is a delight and well worth trying.

pescado con papas arrugadas canarias

Typical canarian fish.

calamar a la plancha pescado canarias

Grilled squid with wrinkled potatoes, a typical dish of Canarian cuisine.

The wines of Lanzarote are very important within Canarian gastronomy

Gastronomy and wine go hand in hand with each other, and the Canary Islands are producers of high- quality wines.

Lanzarote is a wine producing area with a ‘denomination of origin’ in which. a dozen wineries are integrated, among which is the eldest of the Canary Islands. The cultivation of the vine here is different, coming from a peculiar, volcanic landscape.

The types of wine that are produced in Lanzarote are: Volcanic Malvasia, known as Malvasia de Lanzarote, which is a variety of Canarian origin of white grape, Muscatel wine, and last but not least, red wine.

This is why you simply cannot go to one of the Canary Islands without tasting a good wine, together with a succulent typical Canarian dish, an experience that you just will not forget.

vinos lanzarote

Malvasía wine, one of the best wines of Lanzarote D.O.