Three days in La Graciosa

Plans to do in La Graciosa

Montaña Amarilla en La Graciosa

03 - Jan - 2019

You have 3 days off and would like to go somewhere different, away from the crowds, but where there is sun, a beach and above all a place to disconnect from the day to day stresses. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry about it, paradise is less than 3 hours away from Madrid by plane, where you can relax on its virgin beaches, in its turquoise waters, cycle alongs its roads, surrounded by a volcanic landscape. This is your spot. Welcome to the island of La Graciosa.

Yes, you’ll spend two nights in paradise, where you’ll forget about cars, tarmac, the clock, you won’t be in a hurry to catch your afternoon boat back to Orzola, beacasue you’ll be enjoying watching an amazing sunset on one of the island’s beaches.

Day 1:  Caleta de Sebo – Safari 4×4 – or walking routes to La Francesa or Pedro Barba beaches

The advice is the same as when you come to spend a few hours on the island, and that is on the day of arrival be up early and catch one of the first boats that leave Orzole for Caleta de Sebo. But first you need to leave your luggage in your accommodation, and do some shopping in the supermarket to fill your backpack with provisions, which means we won’t begin to get to know the island until just before noon.

If it’s the first time you have been and do not know La Graciosa, we suggest that you hire a 4×4 taxi in the afternoon to do the safari that goes through the main points of interest and therefore gives you an idea of what you would like to on your next day on the island.

Vista de Caleta de Sebo

When you get back from the safari stay in the port area at a terrace, have a drink and then have a bite or a meal at one of the restaurants there. If you have been to the Canary Islands I am sure you miss the taste of its wrinkled potatoes with a good mojo Piicon sauce.

But if you know the island you can use the afternoon to walk some of its paths that you like most. Either the way to Playa del Salado, Playa de la Francesa or Playa de la Cocina where you can bathe until dusk, or take the route that takes you all the way to Pedro Barba, passing through the el Barranjo de los Conejos, where you can take a dip in its cozy cove at the halfway point. This second route is a little longer than the first one so you have to take into account the time the sun sets.

Day 2: Bike Route. North Route Playa de las Conchas

Today we will rent bikes in the morning and pick a route to enjoy these paths and views as we discover the island. Above all you need to know how to change the gears on the mountain bike, as they will make life much easier if we make good use of them. Once we have taken this on board, we hit the road. Two options, North route to Playa de las Conchas or south route to Montana Amarilla and the Playa de la Cocina.

We do not recommend the south route by bike due to the parts where the sand accumulates and it is impossible to go further with the bike. So we recommend heading north to the Playa de las Conchas, in our opinion the prettiest beach on La Graciosa, and where we will be amazed by the contrast of colours between the waters, the sand Montana Amarilla. It is the most astonishing and exotic virgin beach on the island and in it’s sand it is common to find small shells that give the beach its name. Beware of bathing on this beach as it is forbidden, due to the strong currents and swells of that area.

Once here it is worth climbing to the top of Montana Bermeja to observe theendless blue ocean, with Montana Clara opposite and the isle of Azelgrana a bit further in the background.

Day 3: Farewell and trip to Lanzarote

Packing day, gather everything, take the bike back and say farewell to wonderful island which you will sure hope to return to one day to enjoy and not miss out a single spot. And as we say in the 5 days in La Graciosa blog, what better way to say goodbye than to get up early, have a coffee and breakfast in the port, with the wonderful views of the cliffs of Famara. And if you have time before taking the boat to Orzola you can stroll through the sandy streets to visit its museum, the Museo Chinijo, a small but curious place that will amaze you and bring you closer to understanding this real treasure of an island, La Graciosa.