La Graciosa Apartments or Camping? Two completely different options for staying in La Graciosa

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14 - May - 2019

So, Easter is over and now we start planning our summer holidays. Are you one of those people who leave it til the last minute to choose your destination and your lodgings? If you are planning a different and stress-free holiday then we recommend La Graciosa is the perfect choice, but you must start planning the trip right now.

Although the Canary Islands receives visitors all year round due to its pleasant climate, it is logical that the largest flood of visitors to the islands is in the summer. La Graciosa is no different, and from June to September boats arrive full of tourists all with the intention of spending a few hours or days on the island.

If you just want to come to spend the day, you will have no problem. If you aren’t on one boat you’ll be on the next one, but you will need to be aware of the timetable back to Lanzarote. If your plans are to get to know La Graciosa in a bit more depth you will need to book accommodation, whether it be camping or an apartment in La Graciosa.

Where to sleep in La Graciosa. Accommodation options for staying in La Graciosa.

There are no hotels, nor hostels, nor big hotel resorts. The only way for tourists that arrive here to be housed is in private “apartments”, or in the specifically designated La Graciosa camping area.

And it is here that we need to explain in more detail the ways and means of accommodation in apartments on the island of La Graciosa.

Out of the two existing urbanizations, Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba – most tourist lodgings, 90% are found in Caleta de Sebo, as it is the main urbanization, and where all island services can be found.

Pedro Barba is set around a dozen houses and a small beach, where the only services are water and electricity, for everything else you need to go to Caleta de Sebo, which one can get to either by bike or by calling a Jeep Taxi.

Apartments in La Graciosa

There are two accommodation options which may seem similar but in reality are very different. The point being Pedro Barba is very quiet and houses have bigger capacity but shops are not available, nor other services you may need. It all depends on the degree of disconnection and freedom of stress that you want to enjoy.

It must be specified that when we use the term apartments we think of tall buildings and blocks of apartments with pools, here there is no such thing. They are white houses with their doors and windows painted green or blue, with one floor, the same that the locals of La Graciosa live in but earmarked for tourists.

The population is not big, some 750 registered inhabitants, so there is not so much accommodation on offer, you’re only going to find 30 odd houses to rent in La Graciosa and half a dozen in Pedro Barba, hence we advise you urgently look and book accommodation if you want to come in the summer, as it fills up immediately, and it is the norm to have no place to spend the night, and have be done with doing a day visit. Like all rented apartments, they come complete with services, amenities and kitchenware.

Apartamento en La Graciosa en caleta de sebo

Apartment in La Graciosa in Caleta de Sebo

Book Apartments in Caleta de Sebo

The way to book accommodation is through large booking platforms such as Booking, Airbnb, Windu or Niumba, or in the case of some of the apartments that have their own website where you can find information direct through themselves and contact them direct such as Evita Beach, La Pardela, El Sombrerito Apartments or La Graciosa Apartments.

For nature lovers, who want to be in touch with it, surrounded by dunes, and a spectacular landscape, next to the Bay of Salado and just 10 minutes from Caleta de Sebo, the other lodging option is camping in an area specifically designed for it. It isn’t camping as such, because there are only showers and public restrooms. In order to camp you need to book on the Organismo Autonomo de Parques Nacionales website, who control everything. The maximum stay is seven days, free of charge, and bookings can only be made online. A permit is granted to be in that area and there is a maximum capacity allowed.

People wonder why there are no hotel buildings or why there is so little accommodation on offer on the island despite it being so heavily visited. The answer is simple – because of the issue of urban development and protection of the environment, which has been tightly controlled here since 1984, the year in which La Graciosa was declared a Nature Park and Biosphere Reserve. Since then a series of Nature and Marine Reserve laws have existed, together with a plan of natural resources management, which declare it a protected territory.

If you are looking for accommodation in La Graciosa or an apartment (in either Caleta de Sebo or Pedro Barba) please contact us with no obligation.

apartamento en la graciosa pedro barba

Typical houses in Pedro Barba