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20 - Oct - 2023

In this post we want to talk about La Graciosa, and the importance of taking care of the island as a way of showing respect and admiration for this paradise.  

Many users come to our blog looking for sports activities, routes on the island, places to visit or places to eat – in other words, information that will allow them to have the best possible experience on La Graciosa. But at Visit La Graciosa, as well as giving you tips for a great stay on the island, we also want to explain why it is so important to take care of its unique natural environment.  


La Graciosa is a unique island  

La Graciosa is a special island with unique biodiversity.  

The island belongs to the Chinijo Archipelago Natural Park, so its environment falls within a nature reserve where conservation and care are a priority. In fact, the waters of La Graciosa are classified as a Marine Reserve, whose seabed is home to the greatest biodiversity in the Canary Islands.  

Another of the most interesting features of the island is that there are no tarmac roads, and vehicle licences are limited to essential journeys only. In this way, the island prevents the pollution caused by vehicle emissions, and avoids any kind of overcrowding.  

The island is unique because its beaches, mountains, and the life that permeates its streets have a charm that is distinct from that which is typically referred to as an “island paradise”. Yet La Graciosa is undoubtedly a paradise, as in addition to blue skies, crystal clear waters and white sands, it possesses a unique ability to utterly enchant anyone who sets eyes on it.  

Respect for the local population 

The people of La Graciosa are exceptional hosts, opening their doors to allow visitors to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the place.  

Many visitors are surprised when they arrive at the coast of Caleta de Sebo by how small the population of La Graciosa is. Unlike other islands, La Graciosa has only two settlements, Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba, with around 700 residents between them. 

It is therefore the locals who best preserve the essence and tradition of the island, and on whom the island’s characteristic intimate atmosphere depends: that sensation of peace and tranquillity that can be felt in every corner.  

Caring for the island means respecting its inhabitants.  


It is an island to enjoy over and over again  

One thing those of us who know the island can say for certain is that you’ll want to come back again and again. And you know what they sayif you go to a place you love, try to leave it even better than you found it! Taking care of the world around us is so important for the health of the environment, but also for our own wellbeingthere is no better place than where you feel at home 

Recommendations for caring for La Graciosa

  • Always collect your rubbish and dispose of it in the appropriate containers. La Graciosa is not a dump! 
  • Avoid littering the beaches or the water. Remember that the seabed is very important for the island’s biodiversity! 
  • Recycle whenever you can. Like in other places, in La Graciosa you will find different containers to separate the different types of waste.  
  • Smoking is allowed, but don’t forget to pick up your cigarette butt and throw it away where it belongs! Many beaches become a dumping ground for cigarette buttspeople leave them and they end up buried in the sand or in the sea. You should therefore avoid contaminating the environment with cigarette butts at all costs, as they are highly polluting waste.  
  • Always carry a bag with you to collect your rubbish. One of the easiest ways to be eco-friendly is to be aware of the human impact on nature and the consequences it can have.