Paradise exists

It is called La Graciosa, the eighth island of the Canary Islands.


If you are looking for paradise in a place close to Europe…

Visit La Graciosa, Canary Islands

Just 30 minutes by boat from Lanzarote, virgin beaches of golden sand await you in a volcanic landscape, with turquoise waters and white houses in a fishing village where time seems to have stood still.

No roads, tarmac or contamination, only sandy streets and paths that can only be taken on foot or by bike.

An oasis of tranquility and relaxation where you breathe nature from every angle, and where you will not want to leave.


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Getting around La Graciosa

The island covers 29.05 km² so there are plenty of options for you to enjoy La Graciosa to the full: its beaches, natural landscapes and places of interest. Enjoy it by hiking, mountain biking or 4×4.


Pedro Barba


Caleta de Sebo


EL Salado Beach


La Francesa Beach


La Cocina Beach


Montaña Amarilla


Montaña Bermeja


Las Conchas Beach


Arco de los Caletones


Ámbar Beach


Barranco de los Conejos

Barranco de los Conejos

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