Where to stay on the island of La Graciosa

Plans to do in La Graciosa

26 - Jun - 2020

La Graciosa has returned to normality, tourists can now enter the island again, life on the streets and businesses in Caleta de Sebo have regained life, and many people are already thinking about booking a few days on the island to disconnect from everything we have been through.

And since we have received quite a few questions about accommodation on La Graciosa, today we are dedicating ourselves to this topic.
The first thing to note is that La Graciosa, being a protected natural area cannot be built on to a massive scale, buildings are limited, and the issue of tourism and tourist accommodation is very much controlled, so there are no hotels on the island, instead two small pensions: Casa Margucha (Pension el Girasol) andPension Enriqueta.
The best way to stay in La Graciosa is normally in the houses that are rented in the town of Caleta de Sebo and in Pedro Barba . There are about 40 in Caleta and 4 in Pedro Barba. There are not many, so they are usually quite popular, especially during Summer, Easter and Christmas.
Those in Caleta de Sebo mostly have two rooms and have a maximum occupancy of four people, some have five, and there are only two that can accommodate up to 6 or 7 people.
Most of the apartments can be found on websites such as airbnb, some in Windu, and Booking.com where you can make a general search by date.
In addition there are houses/apartments that have their own websites: Apartamentos El MarineroEvitabeach, apartamentos la pardela, Graciosa Mar, apartamentos La Graciosa, El sombrerito,  the Girasol tourist apartmentsyou will have to be get in contact with each one of them to know availability and prices.

With some of the houses  being duplexes, or being on second floors they have terraces from which you can see the sea; but for sea frontal views, it is the Evita Beach complex that has the best views, and has nine apartments / suites with capacity ranging from two people to five people.

The other town on the island is Pedro Barba, a small settlement of about 10 houses, four of which are rented. They are much more spacious houses, which have a porch, and can be occupied by more people, up to 8. For those who like real tranquility and disconnecting from the world, this is the place, but with the disadvantage that there is no service, and anything you need you will have to buy it in Caleta de Sebo.

And for those who like contact with nature, in La Graciosa there is a controlled camping area in front of the Playa Salado where you can enjoy nature to the full. This area is a five minute walk from Caleta de Sebo, is free and only has a few public toilets and showers. In order to be able to camp it is essential to request it at the following address [Reserve] since the number of permitted tents is limited. At the moment, due to the state of alarm, bookings have been halted.

Whether in a house, in a guesthouse or in the camping area, spending a few days in La Graciosa will allow you to discover the real secrets that this island keeps.