A Day Out in La Graciosa with the Kids

Plans to do in La Graciosa

05 - Jun - 2020

It’s June, it’s getting hot, and it’s getting closer to the date when we can return to the beaches, travel to other provinces for the summer or spend a weekend off the radar.

La Graciosa has been, and remains today, free of Coronavirus, and the island is slowly getting back to normal, but at the moment it is not accessible to tourists, although as soon as possible, we want to see La Graciosa welcome tourists again, via its sandy streets, cycling the roads that lead to Playa de Las Conchas, or taking the Taxi Jeeps that tour the island.

Even though La Graciosa is more frequented by adults, due to the fact that it is an island for going on excursions on foot or by bicycle, or for enjoying of its paradisiacal beaches, if you come with children you will certainly thoroughly enjoy the island with them.

And that is why we propose several options depending on the age of the children for families who come to La Graciosa for the day….

A Day Out in Caleta de Sebo

If the children are very young, meaning up to 6 years old, and what they want to do is swim at a beach, then probably the best option is to remain in the town of Caleta de Sebo and enjoy its small beach, as, with the children being so young they are always going to need some type of service, or to buy something, and the islands beaches do not have them in abundance.

Staying in this town, and with it being next to the port, means there is always going to be people, but in its favour the waters are calm with no waves so playing by the water is not dangerous. Not everything is about the beach, so if the children know how to ride a bike, you can rent one, and take advantage of the sandy streets, visit the Museum, and go to the playground that is in the village.

The good thing about staying in Caleta de Sebo is that at lunchtime you can choose from one of the restaurants in or near the port.

Bathing at Playa de la Francesa

If the children are a little older, there is less danger in going to one of the island’s beaches and spending the full day there. We advise, for proximity, quality of beach and swimming to go to La Playa de la Francesa. Take a Taxi Jeep that will drop you there, and in 10 minutes you will be enjoying the crystalline waters. Once there you can walk to Montaña Amarilla, where there is also a small cove with calm waters. Calculate the hours you want to spend there, and tell the taxi to pick you up at a specific time to take you back to Caleta de Sebo. We say this because maybe you don’t want to stay on the beach all day and prefer to eat in the village, grabbing the opportunity to stroll around the streets before catching the boat back to Lanzarote.

Taking a Tour from Caleta de Sebo

For those who do not want to spend the day on the beach, but want to get to know the island and visit the most important points of La Graciosa, you can take the Tour of the island by Taxi Jeep. In about 80 minutes you will visit some of the main attractions of this island such as: Playa de Las Conchas, el Arco de Los Caletones, playas de Lambra and Pedro Barba, where you will be able to stop at each one of them for about 10-15 minutes, enjoying their beauty and taking desired photographs.

The best thing to do is to go on the tour as soon as you arrive on the island, and then on the way back you can get to know the village and eat in one of the restaurants.

Playa de Las Conchas

If you are talking about coming to La Graciosa for the day with teenagers, Playa de Las Conchas is an interesting option, as it will allow them to spend a few hours on not only the most famous beach on the island, but the most beautiful one as well, and what is more be able to climb to the top of Montaña Bermeja, from where they will have wonderful views of the island.

This beach has one drawback, which is that swimming is rarely allowed in its waters, as it is a beach with strong waves, which red flags honour all year round. If you decide to come here it will be to enjoy a day on the beach, and if it is one of those days when the tide is high enough, you can swim in the small lagoons it leaves behind.

The quickest and most comfortable way to get to Playa de Las Conchas is by Taxi Jeep, but if you are a bike lover, and are in good shape, the beach being about 6 km from Caleta de Sebo, so in about 40 minutes you can reach this beach, in many ways there is no better way to do it. There is always the option, as well, of renting electric bikes to make the journey even more comfortable.

A piece of advice for those who are going to spend some hours at either Playa de La Francesa or Playa de Las Conchas, is to go with an umbrella, a knapsack with abundant water, food, cap and sun lotion; since at the beaches there are no types of service, store, bar or restaurant. Go prepared and make the most of the beaches and their views.