The island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, is synonymous with good weather, beaches and holidays. But Lanzarote is also famous for its landscape, volcanoes, Biosphere Reserve, culture and art; and César Manrique, has a lot to do with the latter.

For many, this painter, sculptor and artist from Lanzarote, is a great unknown. But if we talk about the Jameos del agua, the Cactus garden, the Mirador del Río, the Martíanez lake in Puerto de La Cruz or the Mirador de La Peña on the island of El Hierro, you can be  sure that they are known to us or we will have visited some of his works if we have been to the Canary Islands.

Today we dedicate our blog post to Mirador del Río, a must see not to be missed when visiting the island of Lanzarote. A spot with highly valued scenery.

El Mirador del Río is one of the best vantage points in Lanzarote

A little more than half an hour from Arrecife, 35 km to the north of the island, located in the Risco de Famara, is El Mirador del Río. One of the most representative architectural creations of the essence of the work of César Manrique, since here you can see perfectly how he intended to seek harmony between art and nature, and respect the environmental values of the Canary Islands.

Dug out of rock from the cliff, to 479 meters in height, this viewpoint offers the best and insurmountable panorama of the whole Archipelago Chinijo and of the island of La Graciosa. The main architects are César Manrique, Eduardo Cáceres and Jesús Soto. It was started in 1971, and two years later, in 1973 it was opened to the public.

El Mirador del Río, imagen de fundación César Manrique.

Access must be made by car, as there is no means of public transport to get us here. So if you have rented a car to get to know the rest of the island of Lanzarote, you will need to leave a free afternoon to come to the Mirador del Rio, and see the sunset in La Graciosa because it is well worth it.

There is free parking a few meters from the vantage point, where you can leave the car and before entering, if you want, go for a stroll along the road that runs parallel to the cliff.

El parking del Mirador del Río, solo puedes llegar hasta aquí en coche.

Before entering the Mirador we are first met by a large sculpture by Manrique, which symbolises the whole complex and puts us firmly in our place. Behind the sculpture is the entrance to the building which is perfectly integrated into the rock and which goes completely unnoticed.

Once inside, after walking along a corridor decorated with ancient aborigine ceramics, we arrive at a great glass area, on the roof of which there is a large sculpture that will astound the visitor. In this same place there is a cafeteria, where you can have a drink taking in all the island of La Graciosa and the rest of the islets of the Archipelago Chinijo through the glass. At the same time, from the side you can also go outside and see the viewpoint, or climb to the terrace, where apart from seeing the eighth Canary Island, you can also see the Salinas del Río, the oldest of the Canary archipelago with its reddish tones,, as well as the famous narrow stretch of sea known as El Río, 3 km wide, which separates the island of Lanzarote from La Graciosa.

En el interior del Mirador del Río

The best views of La Graciosa are from the Mirador del Río in Lanzarote

They are undoubtedly the best and most spectacular views you have of the smallest of the eight Canary Islands, and they leave absolutely nobody indifferent.

Vistas de La Graciosa desde el Mirador del Río.

Horarios del Mirador del Río

  • Horario de apertura : 10 – 17.00 h.

Tarifas del Mirador del Río

  • Adulto :4.75 €
  • Niños: (7-12): 2.40 €
  • Residente canario adulto: 3.80 €
  • Residente canario niños: 1.90 €
  • Residente Lanzarote: 1 €
  • Personas con discapacidad : 30 % dto.

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