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With La Graciosa being a protected naturel zone and part of the Chinijo archipelago, free camping is not allowed outside the only authorized area allowed on the island, the beach area of El Salado located a few metres from the sea and a 10-minute walk from Caleta de Sebo. There are 50 plots in total, and a maximum of 10 people per plot allowed.

It is not officially categorized as a campsite as it lacks certain services in order to be so, providing only public toilets and showers.

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How to book Camping in La Graciosa

You can go camping all year round and bookings are managed by the Autonomous National Park Agency via its website. If you want to camp in La Graciosa you will have to register yourself in order to request appropriate permission for the number of people and dates required You cannot book by phone or email and can book up to two months in advance. Maximum stay 7 days and free of charge.

Choosing to camp in La Graciosa will let you spend the night in a spectacular spot, surrounded by sand dunes and unspoiled natures just a few metres away from the sea.

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