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29 - Ago - 2019

La Graciosa – A Magic Place To Say “I Do”

Browsing through social networks we see places where the sea is the protagonist, that are perfect spots to celebrate the big day, the day of your wedding. For sure, maybe once at least, it has gone through your mind getting married on a beach. Well, why not go ahead with the idea!

Imagine the sea as the stage where you say “I Do”, surrounded by turquoise waters and volcanic landscapes, on an island where time seems to have stood still and everything is like something out of a fairytale. You don’t need to go far, pegged to the island of Lanzarote, barely 3km away,  is La Graciosa, where everything is possible and you only have to go to be rewarded.

La Graciosa has something completely different, the contrasts and nuances of the light which at the end of the day bring unique sunsets,  the volcanic landscape, the sea…It all adds up to a highly desirable setting for one of the best wedding photographs in the world, people coming here to participate in the Wolves Workshop, also this is the place of  choice for many couples who decide to come here to celebrate this unique day or have their post wedding celebration here in La Graciosa.

Weddings in La Graciosa are celebrated all year round due to the temperatures of. the Canary Islands being so good, although they say September is the month of “I Do”. A month of magic and charm when the climate is smoother and there is not as much tourism as in the summer months.

wolves workshop la graciosa

Photograph of a wedding in La Graciosa. Anna Hari at the Wolves Workshop

What needs to be done to have your wedding in La Graciosa?

The beach is a unique, different setting to enjoy an unforgettable celebration, but one where you have to bear a certain few points in mind. You can not just get married where you want, speaking of course,  of the beach. You have to be realistic, one must gain a series of administrative permissions in order to use a place such as a beach, which has public and natural connotations, more-so in La Graciosa which is a Protected Natural Park.

Permissions and licenses in this case are granted by the local council of the town, they who process applications in accordance with the rules of the coastal authority., which depends on the Ministerio de la Transición Ecológica. There are times when, depending on the infrastructure you want to install,  you need to get permissions from higher authorities and this can take more time. Depending on the site La Graciosa will allow the wedding on the beach, but not the after party, for that you have to use a restaurant. There is no established formula for being granted or denied permission, for which reason you should keep in mind to make contact as early as possible in order to hold your wedding in La Graciosa.

boda en la graciosa

Photography of Nubed2 during a wedding at La Graciosa in June 2019.

When requesting permission you need to know in advance what infrastructure you require because you will be asked questions regarding the set up, decibel levels time slot……
It is better to have been in previous contact with a wedding planner who has experience of celebrating a wedding on the island, not for the sake of it, but because they have the experience of managing the organization of the day and knowing the minute details of celebrating a wedding in La Graciosa and making sure it goes off a roaring way.

Which is exactly what NuBed2 does, who organized a very special wedding just this last June in the town of Pedro Barba.

If organizing and getting married on a beach seems complicated and not viable, you can always choose La Graciosa, a beautiful spot, post wedding, the photographaphs say it all!

boda en la graciosa 2019

Wedding in La Graciosa organized by Nubed2.