4 advantages to visiting La Graciosa in autumn/winter

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02 - Oct - 2023

September is coming to an end and with it we say our last goodbyes to the much-loved summer…. But although until now only the locals knew that the most beautiful time on the island starts now, in this post we’re sharing why you should visit La Graciosa in autumn and winter.

1. Visit La Graciosa at your leisure and without haste

There is nothing better than coming to La Graciosa and finding the island immersed in its natural rhythm: calm and serene. 

Visiting the island outside the hustle and bustle of the summer high season is a real pleasure for the visitor, who can wander the streets of Caleta de Sebo and the island’s paths without the typical tourist crowds. 

In winter, La Graciosa is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to escape the routine and visit an island like no other, and you can do it without queues or waiting for services or on the ferry. Visit La Graciosa at your own pace – the island is all yours!

2. Exceptional temperatures for an unusual destination

Playa de la Francesa

On the island we are fortunate to enjoy a spring-like climate all year round, a crucial factor when choosing a destination to visit.

La Graciosa is splendid not only for its remarkable scenic beauty, but also because it is an island that allows you to visit at any time of the year – no matter when you come, it will always win you over with its clear skies and sunshine. 

The temperature on the island is very mild compared to other destinations at this time of year, with a gentle climate ranging from 18 to 21 degrees between the months of October and February.

As is well known, rainfall in La Graciosa is scarce even in winter, so you can expect to arrive at its port under clear skies, perfect for exploring all its nooks and crannies!

3. The island is ready for sportsmen and sportswomen 

We’ve got good news for all you sporty types – La Graciosa is an ideal destination for exercise!

There is nothing better than coming to La Graciosa and being able to enjoy it in its entirety without high temperatures slowing down your excursions, or long queues to book your bike or a 4×4 taxi tour of the island.

That’s why in winter, its dirt roads will win over any adventurer willing to cycle or walk along them, and its waters invite you to discover a new universe by diving in its marine reserve. 

And it goes without saying that doing it in the low season is a real luxury!

4. Unique sunrises and sunsets for capturing unparalleled images 

The island of La Graciosa is photogenic in all its forms, but we’d like to highlight the sunrises and sunsets that occur when the days start to get shorter, and the nights get longer. 

At this time of year, with the drop in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere, the sunrise and sunset are brighter and purer. In addition, as the winter solstice approaches, the time it takes for the sun to set lengthens, rewarding us with incredible panoramic views of the sunsets.

That’s why La Graciosa attracts so many photographers looking for the perfect shot – images that capture the paradise of colour and brightness of the island’s skies.

But you don’t need to be a photographer to come to La Graciosa for the sky! This meteorological phenomenon is perfect for chilling out in good company and watching a new day begin, or at the other end of the day, for watching the last light fade out of the sky as its oranges, reds and pinks are transformed into a dark night illuminated by stars.