What to see in La Graciosa

Places of interest on the island

La Graciosa is the eighth of the Canary Islands, a small hidden and natural paradise where you will enjoy, above all, tranquility.

If you are looking for pure nature, without crowds or large tourist resorts, La Graciosa is your island. The island can only be reached by boat from Lanzarote, and you won’t see many cars or asphalt here.

Although in La Graciosa the main plan is to rest and lead a slow life, you can also do activities such as diving, snorkeling, hiking, BBT routes, and enjoy its beaches and mountains.

Relax and enjoy…

Discover the beaches of La Graciosa

La Graciosa is a natural paradise where, as well as enjoying the mountains, you can also discover the island’s unspoilt beaches and coves. If there is one thing that makes the island of La Graciosa stand out, apart from its tranquillity, it is its beaches.

Some of the most famous beaches on La Graciosa are La Cocina beach (also known as Montaña Amarilla beach) and La Francesa beach. The latter is a beach of white sand and turquoise waters, very transparent, and when the tide is high you can snorkel and see great marine fauna.

If you are looking for paradisiacal beaches with turquoise waters and clear sand, you cannot miss Las Conchas beach. One of the most beautiful, although not the most suitable for swimming.

In La Graciosa you will find beaches of all kinds: for snorkelling, for children, for water sports or simply to relax and enjoy the views.


La Francesa
La Cocina
Las Conchas
Del Ámbar
Del Salado
De la Laja

Get to know the purest tranquillity…

Find out about the towns and unpaved streets of La Graciosa

If you come to La Graciosa you will probably stay in Caleta de Sebo, this is the most important town on the island and where you disembark from the boat from Órzola. Here you will find most of the restaurants and accommodation on La Graciosa.

About 6 km from Caleta de Sebo is the village of Pedro Barba, which can be reached by the 4×4 vehicles that travel around the island. This small village of only 20 holiday homes is usually only inhabited in summer. Although you can stay here, you will have to go to Caleta de Sebo to shop, in Pedro Barba there is only electricity and water, but no other services. If you are looking for absolute peace and quiet, this is the place for you!


Caleta de Sebo
Pedro Barba

Get to know the nature…

Enjoy the nature of the island

6 km from Caleta de Sebo is one of the most important points of the island, the Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain). This mountain is actually one of the four volcanic complexes of La Graciosa and stands out for its yellow colour that contrasts with the turquoise of the beach…

Another of the island’s volcanic complexes is Montaña Bermeja, which is worth climbing to enjoy the views of the Chinijo archipelago. This is the highest point on the island from where you can see a large part of La Graciosa.


Arco de los Caletones
Barranco de los Conejos
Montaña Amarilla
Montaña Bermeja
Chinijo Museum