The Charming village of Pedro Barba

Pedro Barba is the second of the towns on the island, situated 6km from Caleta de Sebo in the far north-east of the island. To get there by bike is a good option on the tracks that the 4×4 taxis take you on from one village to another, or the coastal route that runs parallel to the cliffs of Famara, walking and observing the turquoise waters and an almost virgin landscape and natural environment.

Today Pedro Barba is a holiday resort of about 20 houses, all white, very flirtatious, looked after and surrounded by gardens with palm trees, which are only inhabited in Summer. They are built around a small port and pier, and there is no type of service for people who spend a few days there, except for electricity and water. So, if you decide to rent one of these houses you will have to go to Caleta de Sebo to buy food or anything else you need.

It has a small beach, about 110m, calm clear waters, the shelter of a pier where you can have a refreshing dip if you’ve just arrived from a walk along the coast or if you’ve cycled the routes, it’s a great option for a good rest.

It has preserved its original structure from when the town was formed, and there is no chance of further building, nor expansion, since the island has to comply with the legislation of being a nature reserve.

How Pedro Barba was founded?

The curious story of Pedro Barba

At the beginning of the 20th century a Canarian businessman, spotting the richness of fishing in the area, decided to set up a fish salting factory, creating a town for the workers, and it was a great idea to have a port near a rich fishing village.

But in the mid-70’s the majority of the properties and plots passed into the hands of a firm looking to create the tourist zone that it is today, and which is inhabited mainly in Summer.