Mountain Bike routes in La Graciosa

Discover the island on two wheels

Mountain Bikes in La Graciosa

Discover the mountain bike routes in La Graciosa

The mountain bike routes in La Graciosa are the best way to get to know the island. Touring this islands routes by bike provides its own unique charm and enables you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this place.

La Graciosa is practically a flat island, with no big slopes except for the four volcanic ranges, so the routes do not present much difficulty. The small sporadic sections where sand accumulates making cycling difficult are the only difficulties you will face.

All routes run on signposted land tracks and it is completely prohibited to leave them, as the entire ecosystem of this natural paradise must be preserved.

La Graciosa has become the venue for two sporting events where mountain biking is the main event. One is the Ultrabike Lanzarote; Two days of competition, one of which is a time trial developed in La Graciosa. The other is the Desafio Octavo Isla, 2 days of competition – triathlon, cross country and time trial on the island part of which is a 20km mouintain bike route.

There are three bike routes in la Graciosa that cross the island from north to south, leading to the main points of interest and island beaches.

Mountain Bike Routes in La Graciosa

Southern Route – Playa de La Francesa

The southern route is the shortest, total trip 5km, and terminates just before Playa de La Francesa, where there are bike stands which are of obligatory use in order to continue the route to the beaches on foot.

The only problem en route comes from the sand accumulated in certain sections that mean getting off the bike and walking with it for a few metres. Like the hiking route it runs parallel to the coastline until La Lagunita  and to La Baja de la Pena, where it forks a little inland avoiding those areas where the water gathers when the tide rises.

Mountain Bike Routes

North Route to Playa de las Conchas and Pedro Barba 

This route leaves Caleta de Sebo running towards the plains of La Mareta until the crossroads just between Montana De Mojon to the south and Las Agujas to the north.

The first stretch can be a little tough because of the slight slope from Caleta de Sebo until the crossroads. Carry straight on towards Playa de Las Conchas, descending down by Lano de la Baja del Ganado. Before reaching Playa de Las Conchas, with Montana Bermeja in the background there is a crossroads with another track. If you fork to the right and take the track you will come out at Playa del Ambar. If you don’t switch and carry straight on your final destination will be Playa De Las Conchas.

Once you’ve visited Playa de Las Conchas you can get back on your way on the route chosen or take the circular route. Playa del Ambaris the next stop if you continue, after this the road leads to the detour enabling you to visit Pedro Barba. If you don’t want to go there the road climbs to Las Agujas in the direction of the plain of La Mareta at the main junction and then down to Caleta de Sebo.

A total of 14km make up this circular route in which all of the northern part of the island is visited.

Mountain Bike Routes

Routes’ Map

This is a route that finishes at Punta del Pobre or the base of Montana Amarilla, being the same thing, but also tours the northeastern coast of the island.

It is a round trip of 14.2km in total which doesn’t present the difficulty of slopes, nor stretches of accumulated sand. The first part of the route, when you leave Caleta de Sebo for La Mareta is the same as Playa de Las Conchas, but at the crossroads you take the route to the

left which borders Montana del Mojon. Passing El Morro del Los Dioses, the route drops and circulates along the Llano del Corral, parallel to the coast until reaching our destination; Punta del Pobre. Different and spectacular views of Montana Amarilla and Playa de Las Cocina that you do not see when you from Playa de La Francesa. A point to note is that from here you cannot access Playa de La Cocina, only observe it.

Mountain Bike Routes

South Route to Punta del Pobre

Click to enlarge. Map property of Spanish National Park Administration (OAPN)

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