Distances and Routes – La Graciosa Beaches

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01 - Feb - 2021

Distances and Routes – La Graciosa Beaches.

One of the many questions that might arise when visiting La Graciosa is that related to its size and time needed to traverse it. It is a small island, 27 square kilometres, with a length from north to south of 8 km, and a width of 4 km, which makes it more than manageable for walking or cycling. Most people who come to La Graciosa do so in the day, and ask us the time needed to get to some of the most interesting points. Let’s start with the most requested routes, the ones that go to the southern part of the island, to Playa de la Francesa and Montaña Amarilla; and then we will move on to the one to Playa de las Conchas.

To Playa de La Francesa.

La Francesa beach is located very close to Caleta de Sebo, only 2.8 km away. It can be reached by bicycle, but it must be said that there are parts of the road where large amounts of sand accumulate, like being on a beach, meaning you will have to get off the bike and walk. About 200 meters before arriving you will find the bike stands, where it is obligatory to leave them, because beyond the stands you cannot pass, nor with any other type of vehicle. The time it usually takes to get here by bike is 20-25 min. The road is completely flat, and except for those sandy stretches, it is not difficult. Once there, from the Playa de La Francesa to Playa de La Cocina it is just1 km, and a 15 minute walk. Perhaps the route from Caleta de Sebo to the beach of La Francesa is one of the most pleasant to walk, together with the route to the Barranco de Los Conejos, which we will talk about in the next blog. Most of the way to La Francesa is bordered by the beach, and in just 45 minutes you will have covered almost 3 km, the distance from from the village. For those who enjoy bathing in crystal clear and calm waters, these two beaches are ideal for snorkelling, and enjoying the seabed.

To Playa De Las Conchas.

The other route in high demand is the one that leads to Playa De Las Conchas, the most famous beach on the island, but also one of the most dangerous, due to the strong swell that is usually present. This beach is a little further from the village, 5.1 km away. For those who prefer to ride, the first part of the road is a slight slope until you reach the crossroads. From there it is only 3 km, with a slight downward slope, with the last two km of the route being flat where you can already see the sea, Montaña Clara and Montaña Bermeja.  The estimated time to cycle this route is 35-40 minutes. If you have not ridden a bicycle for a long time, we recommend renting an electric bicycle, making the journey easier. If you have decided to go trekking for the day, finishing up on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Canary Islands, it will only take you 1h.20 minutes to cover this route. The only drawback is that, it being a very popular route for people who take the Taxi Jeeps, and it being a dirt road, the frequent passage of cabs raise dust, and for people walking the journey can be slightly uncomfortable. Whether on foot or by bicycle it is worthwhile visiting this beach, where, walking along its golden sands, climbing to the top of Montaña Bermeja, or simply contemplating how the waves break, is a real spectacle!