Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa’s main town

Caleta de Sebo is the main town in La Graciosa, where people disembark from the boat from Orzola. You are welcomed to Caleta de Sebo by a set of white bungalows, all of them with blue or green doors and windows, local fishermen repairing their nets, islanders in their typical ‘graciosera’ hats on, a few restaurants and bike businesses around the port, people on bikes and wide sandy streets.

There are no cars or engine noises, and you breathe pure tranquility and authenticity. A place that invites you to completely forget about civilization. That’s Caleta de Sebo! A small fishing village where time seems to have stood still. It has 750 inhabitants, whose livelihoods are mainly fishing and tourism, and has all the day to day necessities; supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacy, ATM, bakery, drugstore, boarding houses, school, medical service, business related leisure activities and museum visits. It is part of the municipality of Teguise and administration wise depends on the Cabildo of Lanzarote.

Life in Caleta de Sebo revolves around the port, either fishing activity or tourism activity derived from the visitors who come to the port wanting to know La Graciosa. It is where you will find almost all the restaurants and businesses related to the island’s leisure activities, and where, when afternoon falls, the terraces spring to life, before the visitors catch their boats back to Lanzarote.

Museos, festivales, folklore, deportes…

Find out what to do in Caleta de Sebo

Caleta de Sebo is a small town, but ti has its own agenda of sports, cultural and leisure activities that make it a highlight on those particular days when the events are held there.

In October and March Caleta de Sebo holds two sports events that have been developing year after year and that attract more and more participants and tourists with each edition. These demanding events are the ‘Cross El Rio Swim’ and the ‘Eighth Island Triathlon Challenge’.

A locality so attached to the sea could not have any other patron than Nuestra Senora del Carmen, also known as the Virgin of the Sea. Its church is decorated with seaworthy motifs, and its altar is in the unique shape of a boat.

The Patron Saint activities take place in their honour during July, with an ample roster of activities, and the key day is the 16th July, the day when the most important event is celebrated with a huge and emotive seafaring procession in honour of the Virgen del Carmen.

There is a film festival, the Festival Insularia-Islas en Red which is the highlight of the international panorama of cinematography produced on island territories, and until 2018 was held alternatively each year in several of the Canary Islands. From 2019 it will be the island of La Graciosa that becomes its headquarters and thereafter, Caleta de Sebo is where it will be celebrated every year, so you can enjoy those days when an excellent exhibition of ‘Island Cinema’ takes place.