An impressionant natural monument

In the North part of the island, a few kilometres west of Playa de Lamba, you will find Arco de los Caletones. There are four natural stone arches of basalt; volcanic rocks that narrow near the top and erode due to the waves of the raging sea which collide against them forming a unique natural and visual spectacle.

Los Arcos is an extraordinary natural environment on the island of La Graciosa where the strength of the ocean on the basalt stones is demonstrated, and where you have to be very careful and not get too close to avoid falling in the water when taking this beauty in.

A lovely setting

The Arco de los Caletones in La Graciosa

The surrounding area of Los Arcos de los Caletones is a white sand landscape and dunes area, nothing like the yellow of the other part of the island and contrasts with the volcanic landscape of Montana Bermeja and the rest of the flame coloured strucutures at the centre of La Graciosa.

Also, from Playa de Las Conchas you can take a peaceful walk with no problems and with spectacular views of the islet of Montana Clara and the island of Alegranza.