I’m sure if you have ever read an article about La Graciosa it is striking that, bearing in mind the times in which we live, this is an inhabited island where there is no asphalt, the streets are made of sand, and the only drivable cars are those that are authorised.

The island of La Graciosa was declared a Natural Park and a protected area in 1986, and since then a series of conservationist and environmental protection measures have been adopted that make moving around the island even more unique.

When one considers visiting La Graciosa, the first thing that springs to mind is the way in which one can travel around it. Although you can rent a car in Lanzarote or any other of the Canary Islands, it is not possible in La Graciosa. So just how do you get about in La Graciosa?

Bicycle, taxi-Jeep 4×4, or on foot are the only three  ways to get around the island. Which one would you choose?

Tour La Graciosa by bike

Haven’t ridden a bike in a long time? This will be your chance to rediscover your childhood memories on two wheels, with a means of transport that has become so fashionable in cities for getting around.

In La Graciosa there are many rental shops that will allow you to rent a bike from early morning until six in the evening, or rent it for several days if you have decided to spend a few days on the island.

If you haven’t ridden one for a long time and you think you won’t be able to do any of the routes because you don’t have much stamina or just because you haven’t been on a bike for a long time, don’t worry, because most of the shops have electric bikes that will make your day on two wheels easier.

The bike shops have a wide variety of bikes to suit every situation: from mountain bikes, to electric bikes, children’s bikes, to bikes adapted for baby seats, or even electric tandem bikes, and even for carrying a surfboard for those who come to the island to practice this sport.

Alquiler de bicicletas en La Graciosa

If you have a full day or several hours on the island, cycling is one of the best ways to get around La Graciosa.

La Graciosa is a small island anyway, of only 29 square km and is flat, the routes are usually not very long, so even if you do not rent an electric bike it will not take a great deal of effort to get along the roads. However, always carry a good amount of water in your backpack, because along the routes there will be no opportunity to replenish nor stop to purchase.

Please find here here a map of the island to get an idea of the different routes that can be done and their length.

The ideal scenario if you come to the island during the day and want to rent a bike, is to arrive early in the morning on one of the first boats, so that by 10 am you are already pedaling around the island when the temperature is pleasant, taking advantage of the day on one of the beaches, and return at about 16h to have a drink on the terraces at the port, or take a stroll through the sandy streets and get to know Caleta de Sebo before catching the boat back to Lanzarote.

La Graciosa en bici rutas

Cycling routes in La Graciosa

4×4 Taxi Jeep in La Graciosa

Have you ever taken a 4×4  taxi Jeep? Here you will have the opportunity to do it, because you can’t rent cars in La Graciosa, and if you want to get to know the island on four wheels this is the only way to do it: by taxi Jeep around La Graciosa.

For those who don’t feel like cycling and prefer a little more comfort, or want to see La Graciosa in a day, the one they’ve come to spend there, this is the best option.

They work like a normal taxi. There is the option of being taken to the area of the island where you want and be picked up at the time agreed with them, or take the tour of the island, the duration of which is approximately 75 minutes, and takes us to the main points of the island, stopping at each of them a few minutes to take some pictures and take this amazing place in. With this option you can get a good idea of the island and will see some the most important parts of La Graciosa.

If you come with a group of friends, or if you are a large family, no problem. Most have a capacity of up to 8 passengers. The prices are fixed for all of them, for the tours, the trips to the beaches, and when you get off the boat in the port, they are there at the taxi stand waiting for the tourists as they arrive at the island.

Alquiler 4x4 en La Graciosa

One of the best ways to visit the island of La graciosa is by taxi.

Hiking and trekking in La Graciosa

Last but not least we have the option of walking around La Graciosa. Perhaps if you come to spend just the day on the island, it is not the option you choose, because the hours ahead of you until you take the boat back to Lanzarote will  limit the possibility of getting to places like the La Playa de la Francesa or Montaña Amarilla.

But you can also do a combination of taxi and trekking: walk and tour some of the routes, and enjoy some of the beaches, and then have a taxi then pick you up to take you back to Caleta de Sebo, with the idea of being just in time for the boat.

As we have said regarding cycling, trekking around the island is not difficult, because the island is flat. And if you come to La Graciosa for several days, there are many routes on which you can get to know the island, and enjoy the landscape, whilst doing sport.

The only problem with walking around the island is that there is not a single bit of shade on the whole island, so if you come in summer, the heat can make this activity quite difficult. A cap, plenty of water, sunglasses and sunscreen are essentials that should not be missing from your backpack. Have you decided yet how to get around La Graciosa when you come to visit?

Montaña Amarilla en La Graciosa

Vista hacia el sur desde la cima de la Montaña Amarilla