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These Conditions apply without any restriction to use of the website, which is owned by VISIT LA GRACIOSA holder of DNI 25182392-Z, and with its registered address at Calle Andador Teniente General Gutiérrez Mellado nº 45, 10B, 50009, Zaragoza.


All the policies published on our websites set out the conditions under which VISIT LA GRACIOSA offers you access to our websites, services, applications, and tools. You agree to comply with all the foregoing when you use our Services.


Users must read these VISIT LA GRACIOSA Conditions of Use.


Using or accessing this website implies knowledge and full acceptance of the legal warnings and notices that are set out below.


VISIT LA GRACIOSA reserves the right to modify the use policy of this agreement at its own initiative and without any need for prior notice to Users. Those conditions shall come into force from the time of their publication on the website. In any case, the said modifications shall not have retroactive effect on goods and services already contracted by Users. To that end, please keep yourself up to date regarding the new Conditions of Use.


To be able to make enquiries via the website or provide the service contracted, Users must provide their personal details voluntarily and under their own liability. If users provide fraudulent or false personal details, that shall be considered an offence.




The purpose of these stipulations is to regulate the use of the various services offered by VISIT LA GRACIOSA a company that works over the internet through the website


VISIT LA GRACIOSA is  a tourist information portal showing accommodations, restaurants and activities to do on the island of La Graciosa, in the province of Las Palmas.


All the sections contained in these Conditions of Use must be known and accepted by all users who access the website.





For intellectual property, please refer to the Legal Notice contained on the website However, it must be noted that the public information contained on the aforesaid website in reference to VISIT LA GRACIOSA as well as to the brands, products, and logos, inter alia, of the companies and centres of the services offered are protected by legal provisions relating to intellectual property and industrial property. Accordingly, Users are not authorised to copy, transmit, transfer, dispose of, or use without the express prior consent of VISIT LA GRACIOSA the associated centre, or the owner of the brands or logos, pursuant to the terms set out in the Law on Intellectual Property and Industrial Property.




Users undertake to use the Portal, its content, and the services offered, pursuant to the Law, these Conditions of Use, good manners, and public order. When using this website, users must not:


  • undermine or damage the reputation and good name of VISIT LA GRACIOSA
  • alter, destroy, or damage data, programs, or any information present on its website;
  • disseminate or publish insults, slander, defamation, racist content, and/or xenophobic content, content that idealises terrorism, or content that violates human rights in any way;
  • act in any way to hinder or impede access for other Users, as well as doing anything that may damage or interrupt our systems, e.g. introducing a virus;
  • making unauthorised or fraudulent use of the website and/or its content for purposes or effects that are unlawful or that evade the applicable legal regime, the rights of third parties, or our policies;
  • encourage other users to act unlawfully;
  • impersonate other users by using their access codes, or use false e-mail addresses to publish advertisements;
  • distribute or send spam, mass or unsolicited electronic communications, message threads, or pyramid systems;
  • use robots, spiders, scrapers, or any other automated means to access the Services and for any other purpose, without prior written consent from VISIT LA GRACIOSA
  • market any VISIT LA GRACIOSA application, or any software associated with that application;
  • compile in some form information on Users, including e-mail addresses, without their consent.



VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall use all means available to it to keep the service available 24 hours a day. In the event of a breakdown, the company undertakes, as soon as it is informed of the breakdown, to carry out the repairs needed for the service to be re-established. However, if the lack of service is due to causes that are external to VISIT LA GRACIOSA such as a prolonged interruption of any external supply, a crash affecting the network’s main nodes, social conflicts, third-party activity, and the temporary suspension of service because the equipment must be updated, VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall not ensure the effective re-establishment of service, and discharges itself from any liability for damage that may arise from the lack of service.




VISIT LA GRACIOSA does not guarantee the availability, access, and/or continuity of operation of the Portal and of its Services. Similarly, VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall not be liable for damage caused to users consequent upon unavailability, access failure, and lack of continuity of the Portal and its Services. We do not have any type of liability towards you for any problem or damage that may arise due to viruses or malicious software obtained after accessing or linking to our Services.


VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall be liable only and exclusively for the services that it provides itself and for content that originates directly from VISIT LA GRACIOSA or is identified with its copyright. That liability shall not apply in cases involving force majeure or where users’ equipment configuration is not suitable to allow proper use of the Services offered by VISIT LA GRACIOSA


VISIT LA GRACIOSA does not accept liability for the possible appearance of indexed listings in third-party browsers unconnected to the Portal once they have been removed from our databases. It accepts full liability for the lawfulness of its acts under legislation that is applicable to it, as well as for the lawfulness of articles that it publishes on its website.




In general, minors who wish to use the Services of the Portal must first obtain authorisation from their parents, guardians, or legal representatives, who shall be liable for all acts carried out through the Portal by minors under their care.





On its website, VISIT LA GRACIOSA has a section called “Our Blog”. In that section, VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall publish articles on fashion and trends; other users can comment on those articles by giving their opinions.


Users accept that any information provided on the website shall not be confidential. Accordingly, VISIT LA GRACIOSA shall have copyright-free licence to use, reproduce, exhibit, and transmit the said information.


In addition, users understand that all details provided to be able to publish comments shall be processed in line with the Privacy Policy of VISIT LA GRACIOSA


VISIT LA GRACIOSA does not accept liability for opinions expressed in the comments of the said section, and reserves the right to delete comments that may be offensive, denigrating, or illegal, or block users to prevent them from accessing it.


Users undertake not to provide information that may be defamatory, threatening, obscene, a third-party secret, or illicit.


The Blog articles are intended to discuss VISIT LA GRACIOSA




The relationship between VISIT LA GRACIOSA., and users shall be governed by current Spanish legislation. Any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts of the city of Zaragoza.




If you have an enquiry or a suggestion, you can contact VISIT LA GRACIOSA as follows:


Customer-Service Department
Calle Andador Teniente General Gutiérrez Mellado nº 45, 10B, 50009, Zaragoza.
Telephone: 689 797 132