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What to do on a day out in La Graciosa?

Most of the people who visit the island in Summer usually do so during the day, since finding accommodation at this time of year is complicated, if not pre-organized a few months in advance.For those who come to spend the day on the island we recommend getting up...

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From Teguise to the Mirador de Guinate 

A must-see in Lanzarote and not to be missed is the town of Teguise, in the northeast of the island, in the interior. It was the old capital of Lanzarote until 1847, and a few years later Arrecife, the current capital, took over. Teguise was declared a...

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The dates are already out for the celebration of the great sporting event, The 8th Island Challenge, organized by the Island Sports Service of the Council of Lanzarote, which once again will take place in La Graciosa. It will take place on November 20 and 21 when the...

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Distances and Routes – La Graciosa Beaches

Distances and Routes - La Graciosa Beaches. One of the many questions that might arise when visiting La Graciosa is that related to its size and time needed to traverse it. It is a small island, 27 square kilometres, with a length from north to south of 8 km, and a...

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Famous Routes on La Graciosa.

In the previous post we talked about the distances and times involved in cycling the most common routes that people usually take when they come to spend the day in La Graciosa: Playa De Las Conchas and Playa De La Francesa. But there are two other routes, which are...

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Where to see the Sunset in La Graciosa

Everywhere boasts about having the best sunsets, but it is really the place, the time, and the atmosphere that is created by this play of light, plus the company, that make those hours of the day both magical and unique moments. If the island of La Graciosa is already...

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La Graciosa in Numbers

La Graciosa in Numbers The island of La Graciosa is an island that arouses a lot of curiosity from the moment you see it from the Mirador del Rio in Lanzarote; either because it is so small and you can see that it is inhabited, or because there is no asphalt, or even...

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Five reasons why you must come to La Graciosa

PEACE AND TRANQUILITY IN LA GRACIOSA. The island of peace, tranquillity and carefree living. That's right! Its only access is by boat from the port of Órzola in Lanzarote. Once you step foot on La Graciosa you will breathe in relaxation and tranquillity from all four...

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This is the question on most peoples minds when they decide to come to La Graciosa for the day or to spend their holiday on the island. The question when visiting such a small and unique island is if there will be many establishments where you can sit down to eat. In...

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Where to stay on the island of La Graciosa

La Graciosa has returned to normality, tourists can now enter the island again, life on the streets and businesses in Caleta de Sebo have regained life, and many people are already thinking about booking a few days on the island to disconnect from...

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