Barranco de los Conejos

Rabbits’ Ravine

A Place with a Special Charm

How to get to Barranco de Los Conejos

The only way to get here is on foot, just over half an hour from Caleta de Sebo and in the direction of Pedro Barba along the coast, there is a narrow path marked by stones that leads to this little cove which is 20m long and 6m wide with fine golden sand and turquoise blue waters.

Enjoy La Graciosa…

Barranco de Los Conejos, a hidden away and relaxing spot

In spite of being a ravine which can be a heat trap, a pleasant breeze blows in the cove that encourages you to bathe and calmly relax with privileged views of the Famara cliffs in Lanzarote and of Punta Fariones while reading a good book for example.

The southern beaches such as La Francesa or La Cocina are beaches usually frequented more by tourists who come to spend the day at La Graciosa, but this area and in particular this little cove is  not an oft visited beach, but a passage point for people wanting to get to Pedro Barba and choose the route that borders the entire coast to get there, not stopping to go down and see it, but observing its beauty from the road while continuing en route.


Barranco de Los Conejos Map and Location

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