The Juan Sebastián Elcano had just left La Graciosa last week, when the IV edition of the Insularia-Islas network film festival opened on the island, and tomorrow, Saturday, the Wolves Workshop will run for the fifth year.

From the 17th to the 23rd of November, the island will feature workshops that will revolve around photography, in which photographers from all corners of the planet have chosen La Graciosa as the setting for learning and training with great passion.

The Wolves is a unique, different experience that begins with a trip to a magical island, La Graciosa, where attendees not only enjoy their passion, but also learn, surrounded by magical landscapes and discover the unique spots of this wonderful island. They immortalise hard-to-forget moments with their cameras, and of course, there is also time for fun and a dip in its crystal clear waters.

La Graciosa hosts Masterclasses in Wedding Photography

The attendees are not only spectators but also involved throughout these five days in different activities, promoting active participation, strengthening learning and encouraging teamwork. Sharing, learning from others, and building relationships are the three pillars of The Wolves.

The Wolves was born with the idea of having an unforgettable adventure in an incredible place and with people who want to share and learn from others. And all this can only be achieved in one place, that place is La Graciosa.

Fotografía de Wolves Workshop

Fotografía de Wolves Workshop

Fotografía de Gabe Mcclintok

Photography classes for professionals in La Graciosa

These five days can be summarized as follows : Masterclasses by the best photographers, who in this edition will be James Frost, Foydis Geithus, Petar Jurica, The Ferros. Then we have the Bonaire Nights, where, on the beach, relaxed, you listen to Deyvis Malta, Lukas Piatek and Andreas Holm as they talk about their experiences and approach to photography, another highlight of this edition.

Nor should we forget Wolves Day, for many, perhaps their favourite day, in which an assistant from previous editions, who this year will be Sara Lincoln,talk about her trip.

And finally Lookslikefilm Day, a day shared with one of the most important platforms in the world with whom the Wolves has been collaborating, and this year it will be with Javier Abad, Daniel Alonso, Pablo Begles and Juanlu Rojano.

A star-studded line-up for this year’s edition that increases in attendees and better and better professionals year on year, leaving nobody indifferent.

Check out the Wolves Workshop 2018 in the following video.

Fotografía The Wolves Workshop.

Fotografía The Wolves Workshop.